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Technological Features of AFFS:

Improved control over liquid crystals through the use of nanoscale electric field
Optimized use of electrode design
Increased aperture ratio and transmittance through the removal of BM
Modified nanoscale TFT structure to control power consumption
Horizontal alignment of electric fields
Use of transparent electrodes

The technological features improve color reproduction through increased transmittance, facilitate a wider viewing angle, guarantee faster response time and lower power consumption, and ensure greater outdoor readability.

AFFS' higher contrast ratio and white levels increase clearness and provide a 180 degree viewing angle.
Metal electrodes and a weak, in-plane
electric field decreases transmittance
The narrow width between pixel electrodes
creates the fringe field effect for high transmittance

l/d > 1 돟 1
l/w > 1 돟 1
Field Ey (In Plane) Ey, Ez (Co Plane Fringe Field)
Electrodes Inter-digital Metals Folded ITO