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What are AFFS+ technology and Viewiz+?

In response to the needs of the times and to the continued demand for more advanced products, HYDIS has further developed its AFFS technology into AFFS+, a technology that offers lower power consumption, improved transmission of color and images, and impressive internal LCD panel reflection, thus guaranteeing perfect readability even under the brightest sunlight. Viewiz+ is the label given to products using AFFS+ technology.     

Why is AFFS so special?

As the signature TFT-LCD technology of BOE, Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) increases transmittance in a LCD panels to such an extent that a full 180 degree viewing angle is made possible. This technology also offers improved visibility, more realistic image and color representation, and reduced power consumption. Read more on the benefits of AFFS.

What is currently being developed at HYDIS?
Currently the R&D Center has been working on developing and incorporating new LCD technologies and material substances for better display quality, more user-friendly benefits, interchangeable components, and cost effectiveness. To learn more about these developments click on the technology below, or link directly to the R&D Developments page.

a-Si  Based High Resolution
OCB (Optically Compensated Bend)
Color Filter Integration
LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Si)
NCA (Non-Contact Alignment)
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
What is the difference between AFFS, IPS and VA?
IPS (In-Plane switching) uses a horizontal electric field type LCD to ensure high color stability and simple process. VA has a vertically aligned electric field to facilitate high transmittance and fast response rate.

AFFS improves upon the IPS horizontally aligned field by creating an electric fringe enabling high transmittance and wide viewing angle. All three are used for the manufacturing of TFT-LCD. Click here to learn more.
AFFS works by manipulating liquid crystal properties to maximize transmittance efficiency. Its patented 쏤ringe Field structure enables a greater amount of light to pass through the liquid crystal layer to ensure improved visual performance and reduced power consumption.
What is Viewiz짰?